The most exciting Feature has been launched in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the popular messaging services globally. This social chatting service is used by millions of people for sending messages to their friends, relatives, and colleagues. Most of the users want to give importance to their friends who are on their contact list who are important to them and want their conversations to stay on the first sight regardless of new conversations from others. Recently, the gigantic messaging service WhatsApp has launched a new service which is known to be ‘Pin chats Feature, especially for all the Android users. This amazing feature allows the folks to pin the preferred chats on the chat profile screen. With the new amazing feature, the folks can pin up to a minimum number of contacts that is the maximum count is up to three.

 The folks need to download this update from the Google Play Store. In the initial stage, the feature was spotted in the testing era in WhatsApp beta. It is simple to use which is similar to that of the other features on WhatsApp. If a person wants to use this feature, just tap and hold the conversation he /she would like to pin. One can also unpin the chat easily in an efficient manner. The gigantic messaging service keeps on updating their app so that the folks are comfortable in using the app. A new feature which is said to be mobile payment solution which is going to introduce in the future which is similar to that of mobile banking apps. 


Amazon’s new app compete giant apps let allow the users to order food and split bills

Amazon thought to increase its engagement with the consumer by launching the new app. It is in the process of developing the new app for Android, iOS, and the desktops. The application is named as the Amazon Anytime; this app has the main features like message encryption, games, voice and video calls. So, Amazon has the idea to create an application and it would join in the crowded market with popular competitors. Still, Amazon not confirms the development of the application.

Features of Amazon Anytime

·      Recall our friends just using their name, no mobile numbers need.

·      Similar to other apps, Anytime app will support text, video and sticker photo messaging.

·      It reportedly has a few holders that will make it easy to sign up and participate in the group chats.

·      This app will keep the chats and messages private and encrypt important messages like Algoritz Tech bank details.

·      Users can use the color- code chats to identify the most important messages. Challenge friends and group games features are in the app.

·      There is app -like function such as group music listening and food order.

·      For shopping or customer service of the users, Amazon Anytime promises ‘chatting with businesses’.

·      Chat with business: get super services, make reservations, check on your orders, and even shop.

·      A new way to hang out with friends like sharing your location, listen to music, order food together, splits a bill and even more features waiting, all in Anytime app.

There were reports of Facebook building a standalone app that integrates ideas from House party, the group video chat app. The app named as Bonfire was demonstrated for employees in the first week of July. If Amazon does launch a messaging app, it would be the first time the company develops in the proper way into the social messaging space. The company streaming its android application development company video in the site Twitch, but has largely stayed away from the competing directly with Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. However, it is not clear how it might be tied to the Amazon Shopping profile.