Social dancing

Social dance is actually one kind of dance which is an exception from other types of dance by their nature of performance. Actually, all the dances are performed for the audience eyes and their pleasure, but social dances are not for the audience, it is just for the happiness of performers. The main motive of this dance is to dance like nobody is watching. These types of social dances are performed in public gatherings as a partner dancing which is so relaxed and in an informal way for the enjoyment of performers. This dance is also called as partner dancing. It is a dynamic dance which has no standard principles, styles, and techniques. One of the most popular social dance types is ‘One step’. It consists of the couples performing one step of dance move for every beat of the music. So that anyone can participate in this kind of dance performance. Social dancing has no specific styles and they vary over the times. Some types of social dances are there such as spot or slot dances and progressive dances. Spot dances are the couple dancing in a single spot without drifting around the dancing floor. Progressive dance is opposite to that of spot dance in which the performance takes to travel around the whole dance floor.

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